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banbury flour mill

Banbury Canal and Clarks Flour Mill.

Marjory Lester

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extract: -
Halfway down Station Road, on the right hand side was 'Clark's Mill'. It was a modern mill built in 1910 by Theo Clark and his father Thomas. Although no longer a mill, the building hasn't altered and you can still see 'Flour Mill' painted in big white letters at the top of the centre tower. The small building on the right of the Mill was the office, built well away from the main building so that office work was not disturbed by the noise and flour dust from the Mill. When the Mill was working, it made a great deal of noise and all around Station Road was a covering of a white dusting of flour.

It was a big mill supplying high grade flour to most of the leading biscuit manufacturers, such as Huntley and Palmers, Crawfords and Cadburys. The grain was brought by canal and unloaded by a large hoist and taken to the top of the Mill to be ground. When finished, the sacks of flour were collected by horse drawn wagons from the big door on the ground floor or loaded onto the canal barges. The flour originally had to be collected on a dry day for if it got wet it spoilt. A large covered extension was later added to the fron of the Mill so the flour could be collected no matter what the weather.