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gwr banbury old stations

Banbury GWR Railway Station.

Marjory Lester

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extract: -
The old Great Western Railway Station was on the left towards the bottom of Station Road where the present station is. Beyond it were the goods yard, cattle pens, great mountains of coal stocks for running the railway and Samuelson's Britannia Works station Depot, with a tramway for the trucks carrying goods which ran from the Britannia Works to the station depot......

....Very early morning, about 4.00 a.m. other slow trains picked up the churns of mild left at the little stations by farmers for Banbury's morning milk. When the milk arrived, the churns were stood outside the station for the dairies to pick them up. They were known as 'the milk trains'...

Although the station was dingy and shabby it was full of activity and brightened up by interesting coloured posters pasted on the walls. Posters like the picture of a man in his pyjamas sitting on a large Bovril bottle floating in the sea 'To prevent that Sinking Feeling', the 'Bisto Kids', smelling the savoury gravy and the 'Kodak Camera Girl', in her attractive blue and white dress standing on a sunlit hill. Some of the adverts were coloured enamel on tin - 'Black Cat Cigarettes' was one of them, others were for Stephens Ink (a big blot) and lots of little plates in blue and white advertising Mazawatee Tea. There were lovely pictures of the seaside and beauty spots advertising excursions. Now all these posters are collector's items.

...He was a good natured littel man with a small round red nose, nick-named by his workmates 'Titty Nose'. He worked very hard doing all the washing-up, cleaning and odd jobs. When the main line trains came in he would rush up and down the platform with a heavy wicker try hung on a leather strap around his neck. The tray was filled with Banbury Cakes, chocolates, cigarettes and cups of tea. He always shouted 'Barmbry Cakes, cegarets, chocalets', in his broad Banbury accent.