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banbury quakers meetings

Quaker Meeting House Banbury.

Marjory Lester

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Banbury Quaker Meeting House.

extract :-
Every Sunday morning we used to go to the Quaker meeting in the Horsefair. The Meeting House is the oldest place of worship in the town. Outside, the Meeting House is much the same, but inside the big meeting room is no longer used for Sunday Meetings and has been turned over to a play group.

There are very few Quakers left now, but when we came to Banbury, it was a very large meeting and many of the members had large families. The Elders, who looked after the spiritual and moral affairs of the meeting, sat on a high bench facing the members. The Overseers, who saw to the practical affairs of the meeting, sat on the bench below. Several, of the very old quakers wore the Quaker grey clothes, bonnets and wide hats and addressed one another as "Thee" and "Thou". Everyone was very kind and gentle to the children in the meeting, but we all had to sit perfectly still and quiet for the hour and a half. Miss Lizzie Brown, of Brown's Cake Shop, ran a Sunday school in the small meeting room, but as we were expected to memorise bits of the Bible, I preferred the proper meeting.