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banbury horse fairs

Banbury Horse Fair.

Marjory Lester

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Tradition Horse Fairs Banbury.

extract :-
I can just remember the horse fairs, as the name implies they were held in the Horsefair. The animals were run up and down for inspection by the prospective buyers. I can't remember how often they were held but it always seemed to be in cold weather. Poor little ragged, barefoot children, would be sweeping and shovelling up the horse manure, into carts made from wooden boxes on old pram wheels and then selling it to householders for their gardens at a few pence a load.

The Church House in the Horsefair, was an important part of our social life. Dances, whist drives, concerts, lectures, amateur dramatics, the County School Christmas party and many other events were held there. It was here that I meet my future husband at a Boxing Day party, Our wedding reception and many years later, our eldest son's wedding reception was also held there.