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traditional original Banbury cakes

Banbury Cakes at Browns.

Marjory Lester

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Browns Original Banbury Cakes.

extract :-
My father had come to Banbury on a months trial as a manager of E. W. Brown's Original Cake Shop, 12 Parsons street. During the 1914-1918 War he had been a conscientious objector and was a member of the Friends Ambulance Unit in France. After the war he was sent , as quartermaster, to Uffculme Hospital for limbless men at Egbaston, Birmingham. The hospital had been given by members of the Cadbury family and pioneering work was being done in making and fitting artificial limbs for disabled soldiers.

Besides his job as quartermaster, he helped teach men to walk and use their artificial limbs. He loved the work , for which he had a real vocation. However, when the hospital was taken over by the City of Birmingham, he was untrained, he was out of a job. E. W. Brown's, like many other Quaker firms, were offering work to unemployed Quakers, although the owners Lizzie and Lottie Brown, were doubtful if my father would prove suitable. However, he stayed for twenty years, later becoming a partner. He loved the old shop. It was his whole life and he was broken-hearted when the partnership was dissolved in 1941.